Intro to the range


Founded in Lohne - Germany in 1929, SieMatic is run by the third generation as an independent, growth-oriented family business which is not quite commonplace in today’s age, but is all the more valuable in an era of globalisation and concentration of forces. For it is particularly true that integrity, reliability and partnership are only achievable when we do justice to the trust placed in us. Behind the family business is the family of owners, who take personal responsibility for all decisions. But the “SieMatic family” also includes all who work internationally in and for the company. Everyone has a different task, but all have the same goal: preferring the best.

Overview of door styles

The highly flexible and easy-to-handle MultiMatic interior accessories system can be equipped so individually and functionally with numerous MultiMatic accessories that everything really does find its perfect place.​

SieMatic drawers and pull-outs are perfection in both appearance and performance. They are sturdy, easy to open, and available in any width from 25 to 120 cm. And best of all: They give you the greatest possible freedom of design for your kitchen's details.

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“To successfully grow this business ethos we select like-minded partners as a foundation to deliver excellence with an exceptional interior design service to our clients. We are proud to have an alliance with Grid Thirteen and owner Natalie Fry who we are pleased to award this coveted 'premium partner' status.”

SieMatic UK MD, Bernard Otulakowski


On average, people live with their kitchens for 15 to 20 years. It's worth investing in the security of a kitchen that is not outdated the next day. To own a SieMatic is to rest assured of sustainable quality: highly individual options for designs, layouts and accessories; customer service before and after purchase;  and above all, first-class quality guaranteed by the exclusive use of high-quality material, the highest precision in workmanship, and rigorous controls and testing before, during and after the manufacturing process.



Because wood is the most important material for our products, the topic of “sustainability” has always had a particularly special meaning at SieMatic.​ SieMatic’s environmental standards have always exceeded those of the industry.​ SieMatic is not only certified under the international DIN-Norm EN ISO 9001:2008 for quality, but also under the special environmental management standard, ISO 14001. These certifications ensure that SieMatic products and manufacturing processes are continuously optimised for quality and environmental standards under the PDCA-method