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SSieMatic DesignieMatic Design.

Together with top international designers, we’re working to provide excellence for our customers.

The world is full of products with superficial, fleeting design appeal. Good design that lasts for decades must be well thought-out and well made – and that is how it becomes timelessly elegant. Furniture of recognized design pedigree includes not just chairs, tables or lights, but also numerous SieMatic developments. Our kitchen programs and design elements have received internationally recognized design awards, and have carved out their place in the history of product design.


SieMatic PlanningEvery person is different. Every SieMatic too.

In our industrialised times in which many things are becoming more and more similar, there is a growing desire to give room to personal lifestyle. The SieMatic kitchens are distinguished by an especially broad spectrum of planning possibilities in order to develop exceptional solutions even from average requirements.


SieMatic MultiMaticGain more space. Up to 30% more.

One of the best ideas since the discovery of storage space: MultiMatic is an interior fitting system that can be combined, added to and modified. Any time, effortlessly, and by yourself. A typical SieMatic development. With MultiMatic, cabinets can be utilised more flexibly than ever before. Kitchen cabinets, therefore, turn into units of variable functionality where every kitchen utensil has its own place.

Interior Accessories

S2LN_AH_2-35_ISOcoated_v2-smallThe interior system SieMatic SK14
Beautiful solutions for organization

In each SieMatic, numerous options give you unique design possibilities.The SieMatic SK14 system gives you options for cabinet and drawer interiors – from the smallest detail to visual and functional perfection. The high-tech design of the precision of the processing to the modern materials – the light oak, fine porcelain and high-quality aluminium form elegant interiors in light shades of grey. It underlines the graphic design of the modular-like system whose various elements can be assembled perfect and individually to surprise with many clever ideas. The wood interior trim of the SieMatic SK14 received a “Special Mention” at the German Design Awards 2013, awarded by the Design Council of the Federal Republic of Germany.


SieMatic ZeroMatic

Seamless ZeroMatic quality

ZeroMatic fronts and side panels are created using a special process to make them 100% joint free.Cutting-edge laser technology is used to fuse the edging and surface material together, creating the impression of a massive sheet.

In the conventional gluing process for edging  material, the adhesive layer always leaves a visible joint. ZeroMatic laminate surfaces have such a high quality appearance that offers an attractive, easy-care alternative to matt or glossy fronts.
A true feast for the eyes.

• The latest laser technology allows edges to be seamlessly fused
• Joint-free, flawless appearance of a lacquer front
• No yellowing of the adhesive on the edge
• Easy-care surfaces
• Durable, strong and beautiful
• Standard on the SieMatic laminates


SieMatic On Wall SystemMore function, more emotion

The onWall system is offered exclusively by SieMatic. We have developed it so that you can also design a wall or recess to your personal taste. The idea of a so-called “carrier” is unique. It is offered in all SieMatic plastic colors and wood finishes, in glass and into expressive varnish variations. The onWall system can be color coordinated with the front or niche panelling or even as a color contrast. The numerous elements available can be installed in the rail or in the lighting track. These are also part of the decorative elements that are especially attractive for open kitchen planning.

SieMatic ColorSystem

SieMatic ColorSystemSieMatic ColorSystem

For all programs in SieMatic IndividualDesign, a spectrium of 6 attractive matt and gloss colors are available, allowing combinations of program elements and materials to suit your taste. In the lacquer area are also two more shades of gray as well as the 1,950 individually selectable matt and gloss colors of the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem.


SieMatic StoneDesignFrom Nature into the kitchen

Counter tops made of genuine stone are timelessly beautiful, incomparably elegant and representative. However, their weight is generally a serious drawback. Counter tops made of SieMatic StoneDesign, on the other hand, make things easier: they are made of a light carrier material with a 1 cm thick surface made of granite, marble, slate, limestone or composite stone. This makes many new design ideas possible, i.e. counter tops with a thickness of 8 cm. And it also facilitates installation: it is easier to cut, process and adjust precisely in your home.

Environmental Philosophy

PissenlitsWhy we take preserving the environment so seriously.

There are always words that everyone talks about yet whose significance diminishes easily as a result. The word, “sustainability” is one of them. Not everyone who claims to subscribe to the cause actually practices it. The term originates from forestry and refers to the support and use of forests under ecological, economic and social criteria. Because wood is the most important material for our products, the topic of “sustainability” has always had a particularly special meaning at SieMatic. Our corporate motto is consistent with our preference to always do the best for our environment. Therefore, SieMatic’s environmental standards have always exceeded those of the industry.

Our goal is to consistently introduce effective measures company-wide for employing the latest ecological processes to evaluate the quality and the results of these measures by a neutral party. One must also examine the examiners. This is especially pertinent today with the recent flood of labels and agencies, many of which lack the same respect, transparency and significance as those environmental certifications awarded to SieMatic and its products.

Several awards for individual design

Outstanding Design Brings Joy.


The world is full of products with a superficial attraction that rapidly fades. Good design that lasts for decades is not created until something is well thought-out and well made – and thus provides a timelessly elegant look. The furniture of recognized high design quality includes not just chairs, tables, and lights but also numerous SieMatic developments: kitchen programs and design elements that have received internationally recognized design awards and have earned their place in the history of product design. For example, the SieMatic S1, whose unmistakable language of form has won numerous awards

SieMatic Design Awards

Preferring the best

Preferring the bestQuality has always been our philosophy.

And that’s why even after years of daily use, a SieMatic will still look like new. This is insured by top quality materials, highest precision workmanship, and a stringent quality control system before, during and after the manufacturing process. At SieMatic we inspect production stages even more rigorously than industry standards, and we will only offer elements approved for the market if they meet our quality and safety standards. The reasons for this typical SieMatic high quality are not only due to the high qualification of our employees or a state-of-the-art production technology, but especially due to the rich experience and know-how of our company: SieMatic has built first-class kitchen furniture – and nothing else – since 1929.

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