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SieMatic S1 kitchens from Grid ThirteenModern Kitchens

Do you know the difference between a kitchen and a SieMatic?

In a kitchen food is simply cooked – in a SieMatic cooking becomes an enjoyment. Kitchen Interior Design by Grid Thirteen offers new and creative possibilities for the design of your home by integrating the kitchen into living areas and your home’s architecture.

A myriad of options lead to designs that go far beyond normal kitchen planning – they lead to a SieMatic that is uniquely your own, a perfect match for your life and home. A perfect match for you.

BeauxArts Kitchens from Grid Thirteen

Classic Kitchens

Form follows function? Form follows feelings!

The kitchen has long been much more than just a work space. It is the place where you celebrate your own personal taste to your heart’s content – not just from a culinary but also from an aesthetic perspective.

If you want to give yourself over to your own ideas about living and furnishing your space, you have to look for solutions that convey more than just the feeling of perfect functionality. And that is just what you find with a SieMatic kitchen from Grid Thirteen.

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