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Joanne Anderson

Grid thirteen was the third company we talked to about our dream kitchen in our new build home.
The difference in the management of the design and build was apparent from the start. The initial approach was very thorough and different to how we had worked before but we now fully understand how learning about our family and how we live was the best first step to creating a space that worked entirely the way we do.
We are not creative enough to put colour schemes and textures together which is why the previous two attempts didn’t work for us. We wanted to be given inspiration and ideas and that is exactly what we received from Natalie and Rebecca.
When we saw the draft designs we were desperately looking for things that didn’t work or we didn’t like. We didn’t find any and we virtually followed their design fully.
As we expected, there were a couple of snagging issues. It was a painless process to resolve them, no battles or difficulties, everything was dealt with quickly and professionally, seamless.
We have a beautiful kitchen that is everything we had hoped for and Grid Thirteen were a fabulous team to work with, we highly recommend them. David & Jo, Higher Reach House.

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