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Yunis & Shazina

A testament to a great service – GRID THIRTEEN
Without a doubt the kitchen is the hub to a home. Well it is to me. Designing the kitchen was the most important part of putting my new home together. Like most of us I knew what I wanted in terms of making it an inviting space, an area my children would enjoy an area which was relaxing, creative and where I knew I would spend the majority of my time. The kitchen was part of my big project in building my new home. I had shopped around and met lots of different designers – I knew early on that SieMatic was the make I wanted as it is without a doubt an amazing product – getting the right person to help me create my vision was the part I needed the most.
Natalie was a fantastic person to work with. Why? Because she got my vision and understood how the things that matter to me could be created. Her approachable style, down to earth, realistic and most importantly her attention to detail made me buy both my kitchens from Grid Thirteen (I’ve got a spice kitchen too)! Behind any good leader is a good team and this speaks volumes in the staff that support the work of Grid Thirteen. Having built a house and worked with every trade made me realise how important service is. The service we received was second to none. The kitchen arrived and installed as promised. The fitters were efficient and reliable.
The space that has been created is for me all I ever wanted and more. I don’t think I could have done this without the input from Natalie and her team. Cooking and entertaining no longer will be a chore. I can imagine wanting to spend all my time in kitchen!
Thank you to Natalie and all her team at Grid Thirteen, you will always be highly recommended by me and my family.

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