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Indoor, outdoor living for Spring & Summer

Spring is here and longer, sunnier days are on the horizon, making us look forward to spending more time in the great outdoors. 

The Architect’s House’ is a past project of ours which beautifully blurs the boundaries between the interior and exterior, perfect for the Spring and Summer months. The kitchen space was centered to the home, running parallel to the large sliding doors leading to the landscaped gardens and views over the Yorkshire countryside. With the doors fully opened, the space extends outside, meaning inside entertaining can effortlessly evolve into alfresco dining and barbecues. 

The kitchen island forms the main workspace for the kitchen housing the hob and sink. Positioned to face out to the garden, the views can still be benefited from while prepping, cooking and washing up. The tall bank of furniture features a pocket door cabinet, when opened the bronze tinted mirror in the back provides warm reflections of the outdoors. 

Externally, the contemporary new build juxtaposes exposed traditional Yorkshire stone with metal framework, to form a striking semblance while still honouring the area’s heritage. The finishes of the project were carefully considered throughout, the SieMatic cabinetry in Agate grey gloss sits tonally similar to the framework of the build, creating a view from the gardens which is eye-catching while still feeling tranquil. Even the outdoor Japanese maple plants continue the subtle design approach. 

A truly beautiful home and one that we can’t help but think of when the sun shines.


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