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Accessible & inclusive kitchen design

Our design philosophy is built on creating spaces within our client’s homes which positively influence their lives, through form and function. We carefully consider in all of our projects, how our client’s lives will evolve, ensuring our designs allow for the flexibility that day-to-day life requires.

Throughout the concept stages of our ‘Charmed Living’ and ‘Designed for Life’ projects, we took extra time to gain a deeper insight into the accessibility elements for our client’s kitchens.

‘Charmed Living’ asked for a future-proofed design, with a focus on ergonomic function while remaining contemporary in style. Large tactile handles were specified for ease of use, made highly visible by the contrast in colour against the light door finish. Appliances were kept at mid-height to avoid bending and reaching, while a Quooker Nordic tap set-up, provided a height adjustable boiling water only tap bringing ease to pot and cup filling.

‘Designed for Life’ required a universal design, suitable for daily use in a wheelchair while also sociable and relaxed for when family and friends visit. By placing the dishwasher into the integrated tall bank of furniture, valuable space was freed up below worktops, meaning functional features, such as open knee spaces below the sink & hob were possible. These are supported by hidden handy storage solutions, such as pull-out larders & pull-down shelves. Neff slide & hide oven doors allow ease of use, avoiding awkward reach spaces.


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